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Dużo zmian, dwa nowe projekty już prawie na ukończeniu. Ps. w bannerze grafika z jednej z nich:) Strona nadal pozostaje w budowie.

Otwarty Konkurs Graficzny " Pokaż co potrafisz "

do wygrania min. tablet graficzny szczegóły w dziale KONKURS (zakończony).


Xelorians Space Shooter - .."Better don`t blink if you don`t want to lose a action".. Hi-speed , Hi-quality ,Hi-end this tree words best describes Xelorians game. The future of the world is in Your hands.
Kiddo - Animated Coloring Book
Thanks to KIDDO kids can put colors on prepared by us animated pages or build their own animated page and then put color on them.
Run Santa Run - Original
Meet Santa in endless side running game with jumping on buildings with obstacles. Leave gifts and collect coins. Slide, jump over holes, bounce on trampolines and on very tall buildings.
Run Santa Run - Vacations
It's summer time but santa don`t asleep. Prepare Mr. Kringle for the Christmas Time in new amazing hot and sunny scenarios.