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Super Christmas Mission
Santa Claus needs your help on his special Christmas mission!
Cut the Way
Cut the Way is a simple yet addictive puzzle game. Can you Cut the Way?
Pocket World
☻ Hey! What's that in your pocket?
Cyber Bounce
The goal – bounce and escape through the portal!
Unicorn Madness: Attack of the Space Sheep!
♥ One Unicorn in an epic struggle against the Space Sheep from outer Space!
Rondo Adventure
Have a jelly adventure!
Ouch is a charming Bee, but she is also a little crazy. She decided to live in your box instead in a Bee hive. And she doesn't want to come out
Xelorians is a highly dynamic fast paced shoot’em up inspired by arcade shmup console games of the 90s.
Thanks to KIDDO kids can put colors on prepared by us animated pages or build their own animated page and then put color on them.
Run Santa Run - Original
Santa Claus needs your help! He wont be able to deliver the Christmas gifts alone, especially because his sleigh is maintained at this moment...
Run Santa Run - Vacations
Santa Claus decided to go on a vacation. However, he forgot that kids on tropical islands also want their gifts!
Run Santa Run 3
He's merry. He's jolly. He's back – and running again! Enjoy the new adventures of Santa Claus with Run Santa Run 3